Monday, December 12, 2005

Cindy Sheehan not only paid the "ultimate sacrifice" when her soldier-son Casey died in Iraq, but she has also sacrificed her privacy as she continues to advocate for peace. If you're against the war in Iraq, what would you personally sacrifice to bring the troops home from Iraq? If you're for the war in Iraq, what would you personally sacrifice to stay the course for as long as it takes to complete the mission?


Blogger iconreader said...

I do NOT support this war, but I would definitely support a war on terrorism by reducing the flow of cash into the middle east. The U.S. could easily accomplish this by manufacturing more efficient autos, developing renewable energy sources at home and encouraging and developing mass transit in the Southern and Western U.S.

The inane energy policy of this administration puts more dollars into the hands of people who are attacking us. We are literally paying for the war against us.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would respond to this comment about supporting a "war on terrorism" -- since ICONreader clearly believes the terrorists originate in the middle east -- by asking a few questions about the proof that outside terrorists have attacked the US. Why was there no investigation and trial of the perpetrators of the crimes committed on 9/11/01? Why were the crime scenes not sealed off and secured for independent investigation? I strongly encourage ICON readers to purchase theologian David Ray Griffin's books, The New Pearl Harbor AND The 9/11 Commission Report: Ommissions and Distortions.
Also, it is a physical impossibility for two solid steel beam buildings to fall straight down, into powdered rubble, due to burning jet fuel. BTW, the entire WTC South Tower fell into a ile of powdered rubble within ONE hour from the initial impact of the plane. Truly amazing how gullible the American public is.

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Anonymous Kamal said...

There is no need to sacrifice anything for peace. Just open your hearts and find the courage to not be a paranoid coward. There is nothing more courageous than naked pacifism. There is nothing more cowardly than waging war.

What would love do?

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My belief is that Bush bears responsibility for the attacks of September 2001 because his team refused to heed the warnings of the outgoing Clinton administration officials and rejected their efforts against Osama bin Landen. Osama bin Laden hated and hates Saddam Hussein, because Saddam is a secularist. Taking out this cruel and pervese butcher removed one more evil man from the world, but diverted America's resources from the true effort to reduce terrorism in the world. Furthermore, it has made the situation worse (not better) for the Iraqi people and has succeeded in putting the minority religious communities (including Iraqi Christians, a two thousand year old community) into grave danger of all being murdered. If the solution were up to me, I'd put the Baathists back in charge (now that Saddam's two perverted sons are dead) and get out, while leaving safeguards to protect the Kurds. Without Saddam's sons to meddle, the Baathists would be preferable to the religious extremists who will be elected under misguided so-called democracy (in reality a reilious-based mob rule) and even if Saddam were not executed but were able to regain some authority, his reign would be limited to the life span left to him. The Baathists are secularist and would be a force against that type of terrorism which has a religious basis. As an individual taxpaying citizen, there is nothing I can do beyond expressing my opinion, which should be guaranteed by the First Amendment. However, the current crop of DoD employees and recently appointed judges believe that the First Amendment protects nothing more than political money and for this reason I choose to call myself anonymous.

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Anonymous roberta kelly said...

The war on terror is the destruction of our economy and the world economy, as well.

Furthermore, The United States of America has been and continues to be, RULED by “multi-national giants” and these “super-rich elite” created the act of consumerism with the mantra "shop til I drop" as our drug of choice because it feeds their drugs of choice ~ GREED and POWER.

Thus, unfortunately, the money elite has neglected in the US, to keep our wealth "at home," and this is the high crime against the humanity of not just America, but globally.

America has been "sold down the river."

China owns if not a mere one-half of America, it owns more than one-half and this can turn into a very ugly wake up call for US, each and every one.

Ben Bernanke is the new Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank. He is an accomplished helicopter pilot who told the major powers of the world that he would "drop money from helicopters," which has been interpreted as a threat to weaken the global economy.

Why would he do that? Because the rest of the world is detaching from our dollar. We attached our USD to the global economy in the 1970s, by way of a "tax," which was/is attached to oil.

This is all crumbling and the government now (PNAC), in power, thought they could actually globally dominate the entire planet and this was especially to control all the Earth’s natural resources.

I do not believe they factored in the reality that China, Russia, Japan, India, the European Nations, et al, had been around for far longer than the Preston Bush Family Cabal, the PNAC, and even lying political hacks and madmen ~ Rove et al.

Cheney said that "Americans shall NOT give up the lifestyle to which they are accustomed." This did not and it does not include the average citizen, however. Read Jeff Faux's article in the "Nation" about the "Party of Davos."

Follow the money, this is what drives the global economy and this is who governs the US. A conservation act is the only answer to stop the madness of wars without end.

And, tragically, this is exactly what shall be, a reinstatement of the draft for "Spreading Freedom" which is double-speak for "Total Spectrum Dominance," and nuclear war is the end result, should we not begin to be conservationists, every single human being on planet Earth, immediately.

I weep for Ms. Cindy Sheehan and every mother, father, sister, brother, who has lost someone to this hideous holocaust against humanity, and therefore, I beg for the sake of our children who desire a future home, our grandchildren and all the spirits of planet Earth ~

Do it now: The United Conservation Geo-Political Protocol of the United States of America and this should have begun about 100 years ago, but 50 or 60 could have been the power that stops the insanity of using human beings as disposable commodities, globally, not just "over there" or "here".

It is my understanding we do not have another decade to figure this out.

9:21 AM  
Blogger spookieblue said...




DYLAN AVERY and KOREY ROWE, Gen Xer Director and Producer of phenon DVD: LOOSE CHANGE, on unaltered footage from 200 sources on 9/11

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Anonymous MO Grandma said...

I am against the war in Iraq and have been since the onset. If Bush is not stopped, we will be in Iran soon. (Bush promised he would do so before leaving office) Some folks in Crawford blame Cindy Sheehan for the decrease in the tourist business. Do not fool yourselves, business is down because Bush has, and still is, doing America and the entire world wrong. His thirst for power and war must be stopped. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix quote

3:46 AM  
Anonymous P. Ode said...

What would I be willing to sacrifice to win "The War On Terror"? Hmmm.
Well, if there WERE such a thing, I'd happily donate that old hag, Barbara Bush, to the effort.
Put her in an outdoor Baghdad market (OUTSIDE THE SECURE (?) Green Zone) and have her explain to the locals how much better off they are now that America (and her idiot spawn) has "liberated" them from a life of poverty, deprivation and despair. deprivation...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

People who have no significant names make sacrifices every day. What makes Cindy Sheehan anyone more special than the next! NOTHING! But what happens when you think that your special, and then you use that Hubris to divide others so that you can gain, or take (so-called legally) from another. You become a thief, and as you celebrity status climbs - you become a Gangster who steals from larger number of others. Obama, steals with the tactics of Saul Alinksi false words, Cindy steals by laying guilt on our emotions, Al Capone stole our security with his protection racket. It’s all the same. The rest of us want to be left alone. But one day we will rise up and serve justice.

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